Saskatchewan Opportunities Corporation

Saskatchewan Opportunities Corporation (SOCO) is a Saskatchewan Crown corporation with a direct reporting relationship to the provincial government through the Crown Investments Corporation.

SOCO operates under the registered business name of Innovation Place.

Innovation Place encourages and facilitates business opportunities in the technology sector through the development and operation of technology parks adjacent to the province's universities in Saskatoon and Regina.

Innovation Place helps grow Saskatchewan's tech sector and provides a supportive environment for startups and early-stage technology companies.

Annual Reports

Q3 Report
| Q2 Report | Q1 Report

Annual Report
Q3 Report | Q2 Report | Q1 Report



Minister, Board of Directors and Corporate Officers

Corporate Governance

Saskatchewan Opportunities Corporation (SOCO) Act
Crown Corporations Act

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Innovation Place Corporate Office
114 - 15 Innovation Boulevard
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 2X8

Tel 306.933.6295

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